What is Hart’s Deep?

Hart’s Deep is a very large project we’re working on, introducing a new, mostly self-contained game-system neutral campaign area to be used for a complete adventure path, taking a group of d20 characters from 1st level all the way through 30th. The book on Hart’s Deep would be sold as-is, with the d20 stats available separately to those who had purchased the book, with broader descriptions of areas available for purchase separately, and the adventures sold both individually and as a subscription, receiving each adventure in a specific timeframe.

Since then, however, plans have changed somewhat. We have decided to add the FATE system into the mix, and provide stats for Hart’s Deep in both in some flavor of D&D and FATE, plus FATE stats for the adventures. The FATE version will contain certain rules elements and information specific to FATE, including suggested Aspects, new race information, and stats for the various groups in Hart’s Deep, as well as stats for the city itself.

Work on Hart’s Deep, through examples and worldbuilding discussions, has been posted at Lisa Hartjes’ blog. We invite you to go and check it out if you’re interested in the city, or in worldbuilding in general.

Coming Soon: Kobolds of the Frostwind Forest

Cover Art for Kobolds of Frostwind ForestEarly May will see the publication of our latest project, Kobolds of the Frostwind Forest. Written by Mark Charke, Kobolds is a setting book with a twist: a mostly wilderness setting, with a tribe of kobolds unlike any you’ve seen before.

From the book:

The kobolds of Frostwind Forest were just a nuisance until ten years ago when they began to change. These changes went unnoticed at first and now it is simply too late to undo them. The question is now how to deal with significantly more sophisticated kobolds.

This book is designed so that it can be inserted into any campaign setting. It is assumed there is a mountain near the forest. The book refers to the nearby town of Cliffside, outside of the forest, but this could be any city. Every name, except Frostwind, is a name from the kobold language. This conveniently allows the Game Master to insert this product into any existing forest near a mountain without having to rename everything or explain why there are different names for locations. Further the kobolds have not been active outside of the forest for ten years, allowing an explanation for the sudden discovery of kobolds in a previously quiet nearby forest.

Not only does Kobolds of Frostwind Forest include write-ups of the forest and its prominent inhabitants, but a dictionary of the kobold language, as created by Mark Charke. In addition, he has recorded the language and the mp3 files will be available for free download upon publication of the book.